About The Charity

Graham Shapiro setup The Graham Shapiro Foundation in 2019 in order to establish a real way to support mental health, wellbeing and to inspire innovation and young entrepreneurialism in the UK.

Graham explains in the video below why he set up the Foundation.

The Graham Shapiro Foundation – Support. Mentor. Inspire.

There are two aspects to the foundation:

Support for Mental Health and Well-being, young and old.
The Graham Shapiro Foundation continues to raise awareness and support mental health and well-being for Charities like: The Mase Group, MIND, The Mental Health Foundation, Help for Heroes, Cheshire Connect and Inner Trust.

Design and Innovation Enterprise.
The Graham Shapiro Foundation collaborates and sponsors Innovation competitions within Universities and Colleges. The aim is to support innovative entrepreneurs who have identified a commercial opportunity based on their research and have the drive and vision to transform innovation into enterprise.
Graham Shapiro also ‘tells his story’ with a view to inspiring young designers and business leaders. At the same time highlighting new initiatives and ideas, encouraging, educating and empowering innovative entrepreneurs to achieve their potential. To help them to believe in their dreams.