‘Thanks for the positive feedback’

To know that our contributions make a real difference, means a lot. Here is a selection of some of our feedback.

"I would like to thank you and The Graham Shapiro Foundation for your kind donations. Both your support and confidence in Mind and our work means a great deal to us."
Joe McCarthy MIND Partnerships Team
"We are incredibly grateful for the support the Graham Shapiro Foundation has given us to date and would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss our work with you. A fair deal for all can only be achieved with the help of people like you."
Holly Gould Help for Heroes Partnerships Senior Manager
"The Mental Health Foundation would like to thank The Graham Shapiro Foundation for their generous donation-which was received in our bank account. We are truly grateful for this gift."
Rachel Prescott-Smith Mental Health Foundation Grants Manager
"The Graham Shapiro Foundation has helped Cheshire Connect in a number of ways. It has been an outstanding skills donor and also has raised funds to support charities that Cheshire Connect works with."
Martin Howlett FRSA Cheshire Connect Chief Executive Officer
"We would like to thank Graham Shapiro for doing such an amazing and brave fundraiser at the 2019 Portugal Ironman event, which he successfully completed. We would also like to thank the Graham Shapiro Foundation for the generous donation."
Spencer Hickson Inner Trust Director & Project Lead
"I write to sincerely thank you and The Graham Shapiro Foundation for the incredible support you have shown, not only to the MASE Charity, but also for the time that Graham Shapiro has personally spent with our Carers and their cared for each of our five Groups."
Daphne Sharp Chairman of The Mase
"We’re incredibly grateful that The Graham Shapiro Foundation is supporting YoungMinds. The money raised is needed now more than ever in our fight for the mental health of children and young people across the UK."
Lauren Farmer Relationship Development Team
"Thank you so much for supporting Alzheimer's Society. We couldn't be more pleased to be partnering with the Graham Shapiro Foundation."
Abi Cohen Philanthropy Executive