Mental Health and Well-Being

The Graham Shapiro Foundation was established to alleviate the suffering of others.

Far too many people have been affected by mental health issues, including those in Graham’s own immediate circle of family and friends. It seems that almost all of us have some experience of the debilitating repercussions of mental breakdown or have seen how post-traumatic stress disorder can tear families apart. All too few of us are spared the anxiety of watching as loved ones disappear into dementia, removing their dignity, self-respect and independence.

 Graham Shapiro is an inspirational figure who has resolved to do something about all this. Specifically, he has applied his own accomplished blend of tenacity and determination to raise funds through an organised campaign of events. Graham has immersed himself in extreme challenges and competes annually to raise both money and awareness for Mental Health and Well-being.





He said:
“In 2009 I suffered a brain spasm, suspected bleed on the brain. The cause was stress related. Also some of my very close family members have passed away or suffered with severe mental health issues. Since 2012 I have run marathons, bike rides and competed in ironman events to raise money to help support mental health and well-being. The conditions that I have to endure in order to compete in these extreme challenges is really nothing, compared to what sufferers, carers and their loved ones have to go through every single day.
In life there is such a fine dividing line between success and failure or being ok and not being ok. Our brain is like the hard drive on a computer but when something goes wrong, it is not always possible to just reinstall the software .”

The Graham Shapiro Foundation is devoted to the objective of striving to raise money, in order to continue supporting mental health and well-being. Click on this link to see the Charities we support.

"I would like to thank you and The Graham Shapiro Foundation for your kind donations. Both your support and confidence in Mind and our work means a great deal to us."

Joe McCarthy - MIND Partnerships Team