Building and Sustaining a New Venture

Building and Sustaining a New Venture

As a gift in kind through The Graham Shapiro Foundation on 19 October 2020, Graham Shapiro delivered a two hour lecture on Building and Sustaining a New Venture.

Graham commented “As Entrepreneur in Residence, I was pleased to address the students at The University of Chester on ‘Building and Sustaining a New Venture’. It was great to share my business journey of 25 years. The feedback I received was inspiring and as a result, I remain encouraged by their resilience and tenacity at a time of great adversity. Specifically, I sense these future business leaders see that adversity is itself a source of inspiration, correctly harnessed and that above all is the real benefit of keeping a positive mindset.”

Dr Connie Hancock, Associate Professor at the University of Chester commented  “Huge thanks to Graham for his inspirational talk.  The Business Students were thoroughly engaged and motivated by his entrepreneurial journey over 25 years, the challenges he has faced and the achievements he has experienced. The students were blown away by the expertise and the frankness with which he conveyed his story.  Graham demonstrated that they are able to make an impact on the world of business with a positive mindset and an action orientated attitude. Just an amazing session that has enhanced their degree programme and learning.”

Student Jack Higgins said “I would like to thank Graham for the lecture and talking to the class about his journey. I found it insightful and inspiring.”

Student Jessica Kelly said “Graham’s story represents how a true passion can be ignited into a whirlwind of amazing opportunities. Showing the story from the real beginning to the present day emphasised how anyone can achieve success no matter where you come from.”