Careful Consideration for frontline NHS staff, Emergency Services and Social Carers during COVID-19

Careful Consideration for frontline NHS staff, Emergency Services and Social Carers during COVID-19

The pressure upon ‘First Responders’ – Frontline NHS staff, Emergency Services and Social Carers, has never been greater during COVID-19. The level of support shown by the general populace for what is our best loved, most highly respected national institution is truly inspiring and to be applauded but there is more to be done. Much more.

For some considerable time, the Graham Shapiro Foundation has campaigned to provide greater resources and understanding for those suffering from poor mental health, especially those who devote themselves to the sustained care of others.

This COVID-19 crisis has raised awareness and placed even greater attention upon those who are bravely working in the NHS, Emergency Services and Social Care, but we have to do more to ensure we cater for the welfare and well-being of everyone.

The Graham Shapiro Foundation has committed financial resources to enable MIND to be able to provide compassion to those people who selflessly give of themselves, often to the detriment to their own mental health. Working through MIND, the Foundation expect to provide sustained support, relief and comfort that will enable all those who give so much to carry on, doing what they do best.

Joe McCarthy, Trusts and Statuary Officer at MIND said:

“As part of our wider rapid response to the nations mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, MIND are supporting ‘First Responders’ with their mental health – this audience is being further segmented into the following three categories: Frontline NHS staff, Emergency Services and Social Care. The Graham Shapiro Foundation is helping us to respond in these challenging times, making sure that no one has to face a mental health problem alone. We are very grateful for the sincere help and solid support the Foundation have been giving to us consistently for some considerable time. They have always shown empathy and understanding and in many respects, the high-level assistance they give has major repercussions, leading other organisations to consider how they too can help.”

Graham Shapiro, Founder of The Graham Shapiro Foundation said:

“The Graham Shapiro Foundation will continue to strive to provide resources for frontline doctors and nurses, especially those feeling the mounting pressure caused by COVID 19 and the menacing far reaching repercussions this will have for so many. The full impact of this virus has yet to be fully accounted for but myself and my Trustees will remain vigilant and keen to extend our help to these true heroes wherever we can.”

Click on this link to view the MIND Covid-19 Thank You letter to The Graham Shapiro Foundation.