Global Digital Entrepreneurship Programme 2020

Global Digital Entrepreneurship Programme 2020

Graham Shapiro was the Guest Speaker at The Global Digital Entrepreneurship Programme a gesture of goodwill and gift in kind through the auspices of the Foundation.

The Global Digital Entrepreneurship Programme is an innovative, non-credit bearing, fully immersive learn-while-you-work programme designed to connect nascent entrepreneurs in digital technologies with real life digital entrepreneurship. This programme seeks to successfully combine training, tasks with the world of work to create an informative and hands-on, in-class work experience. Each of the broad sections including training, tasks, and work, covers a specific set of skills, the ones most likely to be both useful and necessary for the digital entrepreneurs of the future.

“A huge thank you to Graham for speaking to the students on our Global Digital Entrepreneurship Programme. We really enjoyed the talk! Graham’s insights and stories were truly inspiring and the students benefited greatly from the Q&A session. Students commented upon Graham’s friendly and genuine demeanor, and said that they were inspired to grasp more opportunities, be bolder, and be more positive. Thank you!”
  Zhixin Chen – Business Research Institute, University of Chester

Graham Shapiro said:
“It was an honour and a pleasure for me to address such a diligent, dedicated, committed group of students. Each of them eager to learn the practical skills they will need facing the challenges of the future. I feel increasingly confident that they will flourish to become part of the next generation of strident digital entrepreneurs.”