Lake District Swim Challenge 2021

Lake District Swim Challenge 2021

The Challenge: To swim all the major lakes in the Lake District in two days.

1 Man | 8 Lakes | 48 hours | 11,000m of swimming

Each swim, taken on its own is very achievable. Yet as each hour progresses the workload and exposure to cold and fatigue will begin to take it’s toll. This is a doable challenge to begin but a tough to finish!

Graham Shapiro will swim Wastwater 1,000m, Crummock 1,000m, Buttermere 900m, Bassenthwaite 1,600m, Windermere 900m, Coniston 1,000m, Ullswater 800m and Derwentwater 2,000m in 48 hours.


Thank you all for your wonderful donations so far. This will spur Graham on to complete this 8 lake challenge.

Special thanks to Bentley Manchester for being our corporate sponsor for this challenge. They will kindly be donating £500 to The Graham Shapiro Foundation.